Mother-of-pearl buttons
Natural mother of pearl buttons
Mother-of-pearl buttons carved into elephants
From the South Sea golden-lipped pearl oyster
Mother-of-pearl buttons
Hand-carved in Myanmar
Mother-of-pearl buttons on cushions and a dog collar
Wide range of sizes and styles

Hand-carved golden mother of pearl buttons from an ancient land

Kanukama's mother of pearl buttons are exceptional; hand-carved in Myanmar from the shell of the highly sought-after South Sea gold-lipped Pinctada maxima pearl oyster. Ranging from a dainty 19 mm to a massive 140 mm, their pearl white iridescent surface is shot through with hints of gold. 

 Our buttons have a quiet, elegant beauty.  They have been finished to a high standard, have a lovely smooth touch, a nice thickness and weight to them.

As well as classic round and sophisticated square buttons, we also have delicate flowers, trumpeting elephants and mystical creatures.

Our mother of pearl buttons will add a sophisticated statement to your clothes, a talking point on your soft furnishings, and a bespoke finish to your craft projects.  Plus a great find for any button collector.

Square mother of pearl button 75 mm
15 mm x 20 mm Mother of pearl button carved into a mythical Burmese lion
Mother of pearl flower button 33 mm
Huge 140 mm wide mother of pearl button hand carved into the shape of an orchid flower
The size of our mother of pearl buttons

Kanukama - the largest mother-of-pearl buttons in the UK

Kanukama has the largest mother of pearl buttons for sale in the UK as they come from the largest pearl-bearing oyster in the world.
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South-sea pearl earings and the backs of our mother-of-pearl buttons

What is a gold-lipped mother of pearl button?

While our buttons are of an exceptional pearlescent white, they can have a variety of different colours crossing their surface.  Dominating the colour possibilities is, amazingly, gold.
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A Myanmar pearl fishing vessel

Myanmar – a land of oysters

Myanmar has been farming oysters for their pearls and shells for centuries in the crystal waters found around the 800 unspoiled islands of the Myeik Archipelago.
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Mother-of-pearl buttons on cushions
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