The size of our mother of pearl buttons

Kanukama - the largest mother-of-pearl buttons in the UK


Kanukama has the largest mother of pearl buttons for sale in the UK as they come from the largest pearl-bearing oyster in the world, the Pinctada maxima.  It can grow up to 30 cm in diameter.   

Our largest button is the stunningly gigantic, Yangon orchid – which, from the tip of one petal to the tip of the other, measures a massive 140 mm.  The largest button in the Inle Flower collection is 85 mm wide, 77 mm for the Amarapura round and 75 mm for the Bagan square collections.  

The Pinctada maxima oyster also produces a very thick nacre, of up to 2 to 4 mm, compared to the Akoya oyster which has a nacre of around 0.25 mm to 0.8 mm.  This gives our buttons a thickness of around 1.5 to 2 mm making them more durable.

The iridescence of mother of pearl comes from the layers of calcium carbonate which forms the nacre.  These layers are similar to a wave of light so the more layers there are the more iridescent the mother of pearl is.  Our buttons are highly iridescent given how thick their nacre it.

Pinctada maxima oyster shell

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