U Bein Bridge

Ancient Amarapura - inspiring our collection of round mother of pearl buttons

Located just outside of Mandalay is Amarapura, the royal capital of Myanmar during 1783 to 1821 and 1842 to 1859.  Amarapura means city of immortality – hence the inspiration of our classic round mother of pearl buttons whose shape has remained in fashion throughout history. 

There are only a few ruins of the royal palace and city wall remaining. King Mindon had most of the royal buildings dismantled and moved by elephant to Mandalay to form a new kingdom in 1857.  Most of the city wall was used to build new roads. 

Amarpura has now become a suburb of Mandalay, Myanmar's second largest city. It is home to a thriving silk weaving industry, famous for the intricate Acheik design with its colourful horizontal wavy lines across the fabric.  It takes three people mastering a loom of 100 shuttles of different coloured skills to make it.

Also in the town is the famous U Bein bridge, the longest teak bridge in the world which meanders its way leisurely over Taungthaman Lake.

Weaving Acheik fsilk fabric in Amarapura


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