Proudly showing the imperfections of our mother-of-pearls

Kanukama – where imperfections are perfections

Our mother of pearl buttons are hand-crafted from the inside of an oyster shell so no two are alike.

The mother of pearl is made by the oyster mollusc - it continuously secretes a nacre on the inner side of the shell to smooth the shell surface and help defend its soft tissues against parasites and debris.   As this is a natural process, the surface of the shells are always different - with ridges, bumps, wrinkles appearing, and some very thick patches where there was an irritant which the mollusc wanted to cover.

From these shells, the buttons are cut by hand from the shell and then hand carved into shape.   As they are not machine made, there are sometimes variations in the shape and size of the buttons, and the pattern of the carvings.  The depth of the button can also vary depending on the varying thickness of the shell.

All these imperfections appear on our mother of pearl buttons - adding a unique character and charm to them - proudly showcasing their authenticity.   It is these imperfections that catch the light, making our buttons sparkle.

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