Kanukama's button makers

Meet the Kanukama's button makers

A talented team of skilled craftsmen transform the oyster shell into works of art. As well as creating our wonderful mother of pearl buttons, they also make tableware, coasters, soap dishes - even an ox and cart. 

Soe Maung - button maker

U Soe Maung has been crafting mother of pearl items for 13 years. He loves making spoons as there is a lot of space to craft the designs on them. When he is not working, he is playing chinlone (cane ball), Myanmar's traditional national sport. 

Kyaw Si Hla - button maker

Kyaw Si Hla has been making mother of pearl items for five years. He is particularly proud of the ox and cart (which he is holding) that he helped carve. He also plays chinlone in his free time. 

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