About our South Sea gold-lipped mother of pearl buttons

Mother-of-pearl buttons from Myanmar

Our mother of pearl buttons are made from shell of the gold-lipped Pinctada maxima oyster found in the pristine waters of the Myeik Archipelago in Myanmar - a land full of mysticism, beauty and richness.  

The Pinctada maxima oyster is the largest pearl-growing oyster in the world and can grow up to 30 cm in diameter.     Its huge size means that we have huge buttons – up to a massive 140 mm wide.    And our mother of pearl buttons are thick and strong.

The gold-lipped oyster produces the finest and most sought-after South Sea golden pearls so the colour of our mother-of-pearl buttons is exceptional. They have a soft satiny pearl lustre shot through with delicate hues of apricot, honey and gold.

Plus the backs of our buttons are as pretty as the front with a more golden sheen unlike the mottled dark brown backs that most other mother of pearl buttons have. 

What makes our mother of pearl buttons extra special is that they have been delicately crafted by hand by Myanmar craftsman who have been transforming the craggy oyster shells into works of art for generations.

Kanukama’s mother of pearl buttons add a luxurious touch to any item.  They are a lustrous statement on your clothes, a talking point on your soft furnishings, a bespoke finish to your craft project, and a fine addition to your button collection.  


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